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Camby California is located in Modoc County, California and is located 17 miles west of Alturas. Although a relatively small little village, the amount of open arms that you will encounter as you arrive into the town will literally blow you away. The town of Camby was a very popular stop over for the Pacific Railroad that came through all the way to Eureka California. The remote area of this town makes it a campers dream.

The town of Camby is one that offers the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman an opportunity to see and experience a truly unique environment. The legend of John Coulter is said to have started in Camby and has been written about in a great many literary works. The area is a great location for a photographic journal as it has everything that the Shasta-Cascade territory has to offer. A trip to Camby CA will be one of the vacation efforts that remain spoken of even after the family has long been home.

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